Eager strategy intern

‘Intern’ … It is a word we at DDB try to avoid. Just as you cannot be ‘a bit pregnant’, you cannot ‘partly join our team’. So, you want to fully immerse yourself in strategy? Great.

What is expected of you? Well, we are not going to make lists of required experiences. If you are intrigued by the above and fit the description below, we invite you to get in touch for a chat over a cup of coffee.



  • You are passionate about advertising, especially about finding human insights.

  • Empathy is everything. You are the consumer’s voice throughout the creative process.

  • You like to impress colleagues with the latest research and surprising cases.

  • You do not hesitate to share your opinion. Especially when our CEO is in the meeting.

  • You like to have a laugh and can handle a good amount of sarcasm.



  • DDB is an agency of roughly 25 people, including 4 charming strategists.

  • We believe that when reason and emotion meet, creativity is at its best.

  • We work for brands such as Peugeot, INNO, Kom op tegen Kanker, bpost bank, Unibet, Dafalgan, Mega. Chances are, you will work on new bizz projects too.

  • We are part of The Group (formerly TBWA Group). Together with 250 colleagues we occupy a vibrant coworking space in Zaventem.

  • We offer you the freedom to write your own story (minimal hierarchy, maximal autonomy). And to come and have drinks with us after work.